Welcome to the story of our lives!

The Joyful Couple

Gabriel and Jennifer

Gabriel Star Hill was born in Sweetwater, Texas. He grew up mostly in Albuquerque and Phoenix. He and his family also lived for a short time in Southern California. Gabriel has called Phoenix home for more than 15 years while raising his two beautiful girls, now 12 and 10 years old.

Jennifer Louise Furaus was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She finally ventured outside NM state lines to live in Phoenix for a short time, then spent seven years in Northern California and returned to Phoenix in late 2014.

Gabriel proposed to Jennifer on December 10, 2016. It has been a longtime dream of Jennifer's to someday marry the man of her dreams on a beach in Hawaii, so on March 9, 2017, barefoot and smitten, they got Maui'd!

How we met

The short story is that it was written in the stars! Little did we know we would meet at a pizza restaurant in Mesa, Arizona on May 25, 2015. All the while, Gabriel's twin sister Spring and Jennifer have been friends for 18 years. Then Spring, along with her family, decide to come for a visit and make the introduction. And the fantastic adventure began! Ever since Gabriel and Jennifer met, their adventures include playing racquetball, tubing the Salt River, traveling to Texas, New Mexico, Sedona, and backpacking to Havasupai Falls! They look forward to many more years of adventures together and are grateful for Spring's introduction. 

We did wonder, why did we have to wait all these years to finally meet? It's true, we were different people back then and would not appreciate one another like we do today. In other words, God knew. We met at exactly the right time. We met according to God's plan.